Bad Decorating Habits

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Don't feel inspired by your apartment?  Maybe you have some bad habits that are making your decor feel blah.  Check out Apartment Therapy's list of habits you should kick to the curb for the best home ever!

Not setting a budget for improving your home is a bad habit you can fix easily.  Set a budget for home purchases, both decorative and functional, to help control spending while making sure you are still able to make changes every once in a while.

If you settle for a "good enough" solution, rather than thinking creatively about how to get the perfect thing you need, you could be bringing your decor down.  Maybe you can make something or reinvent a piece to make it exactly what you want.

If you are trying to copy someone else's space, you are missing out on the true joy of living in a home that reflects you.  Take the time to put together a home that feels comfortable and like "you" and watch the compliments roll in.

Are you keeping furniture that you no longer like or want?  Get rid of it or try to paint it, stain it, or otherwise jazz it up to make it what you want.  Even if you don't have a replacement, having the old piece gone will make sure you can get the perfect piece when it comes up.

If you never try to stretch out of your comfort zone when it comes to decorating your home, you may find your apartment to be boring and uninspired.  Look for places where you can push yourself to try new things.

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