Asking Noisy Neighbors to Quiet Down

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Noisy Neighbors can be a nightmare for anyone, but especially for apartment dwellers.  Shared walls, ceilings and floors can cause turn what might be a mere nuisance into a real hardship, especially if it affects your sleep or ability to live comfortably in your apartment. has some tips on how to approach a noisy neighbor about turning it down.

First, talk to your neighbor.  Begin your statement with "I'm not sure you're aware", giving the neighbor the benefit of the doubt as to whether they realize they're being noisy or not.  Then briefly state the specific noise that is bothering you, when it occurs, and ask if they could please turn down the music/stop the dog from barking/stop holding parties until 3am.  Be sure to also ask your neighbor to let you know if any noise that comes from your apartment is bothering them and volunteer to change your behavior.

If your neighbor behaves in a hostile or threatening manner, call the police the next time the noise occurs.  But if they simply do not comply with your request, draft a letter detailing when the noise occurs, including dates if it's something like a party.  Give the letter to your neighbor with a copy of any noise ordinances that may exist in your complex, HOA or city.  Nicely ask your neighbor to comply with these ordinances, and state that you will report them to the local authorities if they do not.

If your neighbor doesn't comply with your letter, report them to the HOA, complex or landlord and the local police if necessary.  Enlist neighbors who may also be bothered by the noise for support.  Make sure to record all requests and instances of noise in case you need to take your loud neighbor to court and present a history of the behavior.  Thankfully, most times neighbors will curb their behavior when they know the police will be called if they keep it up.

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