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This month we’re going to be spotlighting the Anderson Mill neighborhood, located Northwest of Austin, Texas.  Anderson Mill was founded by Thomas Anderson, a Virginian who moved to the area in the 1850’s.   He set up a gunpowder mill in the 1860's and his gunpowder was used for the Confederate Army.  After the Civil War ended, he converted the gunpowder mill to a gristmill and later added a cotton gin to his business.  After Thomas died in 1894, the area was abandoned.  Although a historical marker was added in 1936, the area wasn’t re-discovered until the late 1970’s when it became a suburb of Austin.

Anderson Mill used to be its own city, but it was incorporated into Austin in 2008. Anderson Mill began as a master planned community in the late 1970's and is popular with  those looking for apartments with affordable rents, lots of local amenities and Round Rock ISD schools.  Green space, parks, and hike and bike trails are all abundant in the area, but the close proximity of Highway 183, State Highway 45 and Mopac mean that residents can quickly get to work or shopping.  Anderson Mill is less than 30 minutes from downtown Austin.

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