Absolute Must-Haves for Your First Apartment

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Moving into your first grown-up apartment? has the rundown of what you need to truly stamp your place as belonging to an adult.    

A good sofa should be first on your list.  Make sure it's sturdy and made out of a nice material, plus timeless so you can use it for a few years.  Not only will you enjoy relaxing on it when you come home after a long day at work, but you'll need it for guests to sleep on.

Wall art is another important requirement to make a first apartment feel like home.  Check out etsy for affordable art.  Or have fun and make some yourself!  You'll also need a basic tool set and hanging kit to hang those pieces of art and do minor repairs around the house that aren't worth bothering the landlord for.

In the kitchen, make sure you have two or three good pots and pans so you can cook a real meal.  Another kitchen requirement:  a set of wineglasses.  Ikea is the go-to place for cheap glasses that won't have you crying when friends inevitably break them.  While you're at it, pick up some coasters so drinks can be placed on furniture without ruining it.  Need everything in the kitchen?   Outfit your entire kitchen for less than $200.  

In the bedroom or bathroom, a sturdy laundry hamper with a lid is a requirement so everyone doesn't have to see your dirty laundry.  Spare lightbulbs will make sure you won't be caught in the dark.

Rounding out the list, a high-quality set of sheets, at least 250 thread count, will make sure you get a good night's sleep and two extra bath towels stored in the cabinet ready for guests will make sure no one who visits is left soaking wet.

Ready to take the plunge into grown-up apartment renting land?  Give San Marcos Apartment Experts a call today at 512-805-0123 for help!

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