5 Sure Fire Ways to Kill Your Houseplants

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Houseplants are a must if you are an apartment dweller.  Unless you're blessed with a balcony, most renters have to make due with houseplants, which can often be trickier than outdoor plants.  But fret not, with a little help from's list of what NOT to do to houseplants, you'll be sporting a green thumb in no time!

Watering your plants too much or too often is the top killer of houseplants.  The best way to decide whether it's time to pull out the watering can or not is to put your finger into the soil.  Only add water if the soil is completely dry.  When you do water, make sure the soil is completely wet and pour out the drainage water from the overflow basin every time you water.

Another common mistake people make with houseplants is burning it by putting it near a heat source such as a heat vent or radiator.  Even though many houseplants are tropical in origin and do well in warm climates, applying direct heat to them will kill them quickly.

Not exposing your plant to enough light is another common mistake.  Most houseplants need some amount of natural light, do research on how much your particular plant needs.  If your plant is light-starved, it will probably turn a lighter color, its new growth will be slight and directed towards whatever light it can get at, and its leaves may bend upward or fall off.

Another mistake is shoving your plant into a pot that is way too small for it.  As a plant gets larger, if there's nowhere for it to go, the roots will circle the inside of the pot, eventually becoming so intertwined that the things it needs to survive like water, nutrients and oxygen can't get through.  The only solution for a root-bound plant is to replant it in a bigger pot.
Finally, houseplants need special soil.  If you use the wrong soil, your plant won't drain properly and can't get the air it needs to survive.  Most houseplants need soil that have sand or perlite, which increases aeration, and clay or organic matter, which keeps water in.  Your best bet is to buy a bag of indoor potting soil.
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