5 Quick Apartment Repairs

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Sure, you can call your landlord to fix things that break in your rental, but what if it's something really minor or you don't want to wait for the apartment handyman to get to it?  Check out's advice for common fixes you can take care of easily.

If your bathroom drain is clogged, a little Draino will usually get it unclogged.  Follow the instructions on the bottle.  If your drain is still clogged, try using a metal clothes hanger to pull out the item that is clogging the drain.  In the kitchen, if you have a garbage disposal, skip the Draino and pour a little dish soap down the drain.  Then let the cold water run while your garbage disposal is on.

If you get any scuffs on the wood in your #apartment, rubbing a walnut on the scuff will cover it, as crazy as it sounds!

Is your apartment smelling not-so-fresh?  Tape a dryer sheet to a portable fan and turn it on.  The fresh smell will distribute throughout your space and leave things smelling better in no time.

Put too many nail holes in the wall?  Spackle the holes and allow the spackle to dry.  Then rub a damp sponge over the spackle.

Are your floors squeaking?  Sprinkle baby powder or baking soda, which will keep the floorboards from rubbing against each other and squeaking.

Need help finding an apartment with a great maintenance department so you don't have to take matters into your own hands?  Give San Marcos Apartment Experts a call today at 512-805-0123.

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