2015 Decorating Trends

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What do designers think will be "in" this year for home decor?  Read's round-up of the latest trends in home decor and make sure your #apartment is 2015-ready!

Pattern is hot, and mixing patterns is even hotter.  Use patterns of different sizes for an expert take on this trend and to add fun to your apartment.

Warm metallics like gold, rose, and brass are going to be popular for every room of the house.  It's okay to mix in the new accents with your old chrome or silver, that's in too!

Saturated colors like Marsala (a wine red with some purple and brown), peacock blue, emerald green, and purple, are all up to the minute for 2015.  They go great with the warm metallics as well.

Wallpaper will be bigger than ever this year, especially large patterns in unusual places like ceilings.

The line between indoors and out will be blurred even further.  Outside materials like stone and brick facades, raw wood architectural elements, and outdoor furniture inside will all be popular.

Ethnic prints are a great way to make your room look more exotic, so add elements manufactured around the world like rugs and patterned fabric.

Matching is out and mixing finishes is in!  From woods to hardware to textures, anything and everything will go together in 2015.

If you aren't so sure about those deep jewel colors, pale colors are also on trend.  These sweet, barely there shades like pale pink, mauve, grey, taupe, or mint green will make you feel calm.

Finally, do-it-yourself is still popular!  If you don't see what you want out there, or you can't afford it, make it yourself!

San Marcos Apartment Experts can help you find a new apartment for 2015 where you can put all the trends to work.  Give us a call today at 512-805-0123.

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