12 Things Every Apartment Should Have

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Apartment Therapy has rounded up a list of items it thinks every home should have.  Read on to see what they think is absolutely indispensable.  Do you agree?  What items could you never live without in your abode?

Cloth napkins, rather than paper, are necessary because they are kinder to your skin, don't create trash, and bring color to your kitchen.  You can even make your own!

Aluminum push pins a must for hanging items on the wall and all-natural cleaning products are necessary for keeping your #apartment spotless without damaging the environment or introducing dangerous chemicals into your home.

Flannel sheets are great for when it gets cold.  Even if you're in a usually temperate environment, it's nice to have one set for when temperatures dip.

A landing strip will keep you organized when leaving and returning home, and 3 lights in every room are indispensable to make sure your home is well illuminated.  Dimmers a great way to control the amount of light in any room.

A good vacuum is a must, especially if you have any pets.  Art is a given, but did you know you should hang it at 57"?  That is the most comfortable height for people to be able to enjoy it. 

Rounding out the list are:  candles at meals, a mat knife and Fiskars scissors, and plants and fresh flowers.  

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